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The Fight

The Fight

There’s a misconception that it comes easily, success.

That a painter paints a masterpiece each time.

That a writer sits down and pens a flawless manuscript.

That an entrepreneur builds a business quickly, that the stars just align.

Because you only see the finished product. 

You only read about the successes (though more and more people are finally sharing vulnerably about their real process). 

You assume it all came easily, effortlessly, and in a straight line. 

The truth is, it’s a battle. 

A teeth-gnashing, hair-pulling internal battle to birth your art, your vision, through your own resistance. 

Chutes and ladders. Ebb and flow.

Will you ride it out?

Or give up and walk away, keeping your gifts hidden in the shadows.

The only difference in who succeeds and who doesn’t is who will hang on for the fight, knowing they have something worth the battle.