About Me

I could give you a list of my credentials, tell you all the schools, philosophies, and coaches I’ve studied under, my successes…because I’ve got ‘em, in spades. But that just tells you what I’ve done. It won’t tell you who I really am. So instead let me tell you why I am called to be here with you. 

I love the girl in this photo now. And I didn’t, for a long time…for most of my time on this planet, I was at war with her. I was downright cruel to her, the ways I talked to her and pushed her, so hard. I told her she was never good enough, no matter what she did. I refused to let her believe she was enough, worthy, lovable, just as she is.

On the outside, I looked like I had it together. Inside, I was falling apart.

My external world developed its own cracks, and just when it seemed there was a break in the clouds, another storm would come. I was buffeted about by a succession of life events ranging from rocky to downright traumatic. I see now they were all lessons I had to learn to prepare me for what’s next.

I love this girl now. Because the girl in this photo has been through hell and back...and made a few more round trips for good measure (she always did have to learn the hard way😏). And she’s risen stronger than ever before.

She grew strong in the places where she’d been soft (boundaries, self worth). She’s learned to be soft in the places where she doesn’t need to be strong (her heart, her beautiful, sacred feminine). And her compassion for this human condition has grown by leaps and bounds…she sees people as souls on a journey.

This girl learned how to truly heal her heart. And her heart is bigger now and more full of love, for herself and others, than she could have ever imagined possible. She is healed and whole, smiling more than ever, and has a calling in her heart to guide others along the same path.

THAT is what you really need to know “about me”.

 Sparkle on…💖


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