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Courage to Rise: A four-month immersion program to awaken self-confidence, inner strength, and feminine empowerment, to move your life forward, powerfully.

Is this program for you?

If you are:

✨ ... Recovering from a break up, a divorce, or another major life transition and having a hard time moving forward and healing

✨ ... Feel your self-esteem is at an all-time low

✨ ... Living with anxiety every.single.day and unable to relax

✨ ... Feeling stuck, exhausted, drained, overwhelmed, and uncertain about what’s next

✨ ... Repeating unhealthy patterns of over-eating, drinking, or another disempowering coping mechanism

✨ ... Look like you have it together on the outside but inside you may feel hopeless, lost, or alone

✨ ... Ready to move forward in your life! You may not know what you DO want yet, but you know THIS isn’t the life you were meant to live

…then this is the perfect program for you, at the perfect time!

The program will be by application only, with limited spots available in order to foster the most intimate healing experience and sisterhood.

I will be carefully selecting the women I will guide on this special journey of healing and growth.

Email me at jennifer@jwreyallday.com to schedule a call and apply for this special, life changing experience!

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