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I see you.

Yes, you.

Still standing.

Working, rebuilding, healing.


Not yet thriving.

It’s heavy, I know. I’ve been there. 

Getting knocked down, rising again each time. 

Whether it was a change you wanted or one forced upon you…

Know this: what wasn’t serving you was stripped away, to make way for what’s coming.

What’s on the way to you is bigger, juicier, more full of love and joy than you can imagine.

But before rebirth must come the destruction.

So patience is the next step. The hardest, really. 

It takes time. 1% every day…sometimes just a fraction.

Trust the process, and re-commit every day to your journey.

Rest. But don’t you dare give up.

Because it will get better.  

You can do this. You are worth it. And it’ll happen. 

One day, you will feel it…the moment you realize it’s fallen into place. The sky doesn’t part and the angels don’t sing. It’ll be an idle afternoon, a moment where suddenly you feel an overwhelming wave of peace. The pieces of you have come back together again, stronger and better than you could have imagined. 

Keep going.

Sparkle on…💖


The Fight

The Fight