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"Know Your Worth"

"Know Your Worth"

Another phrase that has become cliche. And yet the reason a phrase becomes “cliche” is that the series of words strung together to create a powerful phrase started because people NEEDED to hear it. 

What does it MEAN to know your worth?

It’s not:

  •  “Whatever, I’m $100,000 in debt and going to be homeless next month if I don’t pay my rent…but I’m buying this Louis because I’m WORTH IT."  *hair flip*
  • “I deserve a raise, omg, my boss is such a jerk, so what if I came in a few minutes late, I’m here aren’t I”.....while you click on Facebook for the 500th time in an hour and stuff the six cans of LaCroix you swiped from the break room into your purse. That’s not worth. That’s a false sense of entitlement. And also just kind of being a jerk.

It is:

  • Knowing the value that you bring to the world by your own authentic presence…owning and honoring all your gifts and the inherent beauty of your soul…and honoring it in all ways: in relationships, in finances, in your emotional and physical health, and beyond. You can flip your hair for this one too...but more of a Goddess flip.

When you don’t know or accept your own inherent value, you:

  • Become an exhausted, strung-out people pleaser
  • Do your best impersonation of a door mat… and not even one of the semi-funny ones like “I can see your underwear” or “Wipe your paws”. No, the one that quietly says “I matter less than everyone else, wipe your feet anywhere and I’ll clean it up”
  • Go into debt or struggle with finding (or keeping) a job that pays you well
  • Abuse your body with food, substance, or outright neglect (binge or starve yourself lately to feel better?)
  • Ignore or bypass the calling of your heart and your purpose on this earth (because those people can do it, but you aren’t one of those people….hint: you are though)

When you do know, accept, and honor your own value, how do those shift?

  • Set calm boundaries around what you will and won’t accept into your life
  • Communicate clearly, firmly, AND from a place of love and compassion around your needs in a relationship 
  • Recognize where your money blocks are that have kept you in a state of financial starvation
  • Nourish your body with good foods, exercise, massage, and rest
  • Make true progress toward your dreams
  • Be willing to walk away from anything…anything…that compromises your true value

Is it as easy as saying “Know Your Worth” and magically you’re all:

“Well holy buttery biscuits, I’m healed!” 


The first step is recognizing the areas in your life showing these (or similar) symptoms…then diving deep into your heart to uncover what you need (coaching, therapy, a massage, more time for yourself) to help you break through what’s been holding you back from knowing your own worth.

Because EVERYONE on this planet is inherently valuable and has a gift to share with the world…let’s do the work so we can all shine through for the valuable creatures we are.

Sparkle on, friends...


From the Inside Out

From the Inside Out